Saturday, January 19, 2008

Live Streaming Video from the NC Science Blog Conference

Alas, I could not attend the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference because of a conflict, but I am so pleased to see that I can attend virtually at the this web site. As fellow blogger Jennifer Ouellette says on her blog, "Blogging can be a somewhat isolated activity. Sure, there's comments and linkages and fostering online conversations and such, but generally I just plug along, cranking out my two or three posts a week on whatever topic captures my whimsy that day. Honestly? Sometimes I forget that I'm not blogging in a void. Today was a nice reminder that I'm part of a large, vibrant community that is changing the face of science, science journalism, science education, and science communication in some very exciting ways."

So far, the sessions are very informative and interesting -- check it out! What science blogger do you know who has cocktail recipes on their blog, like this one?:

The Black Hole
So called because after one of these, you have already passed the event horizon of inebriation.
1 oz. Kahlua
1 oz. vodka.
.5 oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec.
.5 oz. dark rum
.5 oz. Amaretto
Pour into an old-fashioned glass over (scant) ice. Stir gently.
Watch time slow.

Next year, I have to go this!

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