Sunday, February 24, 2008

Embracing the HPV Vaccine -- Warts and All?

We've posted before here and here about the HPV vaccine and debated whether or not it should be 'mandated' for girls; today in the NY Times an article in the Fashion and Style section (??) asks whether or not the parents would encourage their boys to get the vaccine. Currently, Gardasil is only FDA approved for girls and is marketed as preventing cervical cancer; but boys could benefit too, because the vaccine also protects against genital warts. Currently the vaccine is already approved for boys in Australia, Mexico and countries in the European Union; Merck will seek FDA approval for boys later this year. The question is, will the parents of young boys and girls in the USA buy it? Full article accessible here.


Anonymous said...

I have also heard that it can protect against some types of anal cancer. Given that this is occurs more in homosexual males, people think that if we give it boys they will end up being homosexual. Which itself is ridiculous.

A said...

Vaccine opposition is always so comlex and confusing. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

If you think its OK to inject aluminium, borax and Polysorbate 80 (causes sterility in test animals) into your daughters, take the risk and go for it. Dont frikkin complain that you didn't know later on down the line when they either, have allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases develop, die or become sterile. You have been warned.