Friday, April 11, 2008

Being a progressive means believing that we need universal health care

Paul Krugman of the NY Times pens this morning an editorial "Health Care Horror Stories", something of a theme on this blog and something we've blogged about before numerous times. His column starts out:

"Not long ago, a young Ohio woman named Trina Bachtel, who was having health problems while pregnant, tried to get help at a local clinic.

Unfortunately, she had previously sought care at the same clinic while uninsured and had a large unpaid balance. The clinic wouldn’t see her again unless she paid $100 per visit — which she didn’t have.

Eventually, she sought care at a hospital 30 miles away. By then, however, it was too late. Both she and the baby died.

You may think that this was an extreme case, but stories like this are common in America." The whole column can be accessed here.

And Krugman points out that while many of us are excited about the upcoming elections and the nominees, let's not lose track of what's important here -- that these tragedies can and should be prevented and it doesn't matter whose idea it is. Being a progressive also means being compassionate; and that means believing that we need universal health care.


Moses Gunner said...

Did you see the Bunk study stating 2/3 of doctors in America want National Health Care. The doctors who did this study also conducted one in 2002 and found that the majority of doctors did not want national health care, the problem with this is that the 2 question surveys drastically differ in there 2nd question. I found this article, 60% of Physicians Surveyed Oppose Switching to a National Health Care Plan, It's worth a read.

Anonymous said...

All of this is crazy!!! I give a damn about health care. The point is we can be more damaged by bad health care than anything that is ailing us. A patient obliget to purchase health insurance against his/her will has overriden the most basic constitutional right -the right to self determination. One consequence that everyone fails to realize is that physicians will have a captive audience, with no need to earn the trust of patients, why improve??? I worry more about forced hospitalizations, coercive treatment and surgery done u8nder duress than getting health coverage that, I don't want to begin with. I think libs are really becoming idiots, and forget what "liberty" is to begin with.
The health system is likely to become crowded, and people will not get healthcare they want, because of the industry´s need to push on others healthcare they don't want to finance the needs of the others.