Sunday, June 12, 2005

Health Care for Women -- an International Issue

The NY Times has a very moving story entitled the "The Illiterate Surgeon" about a young woman in Ethiopia who developed an obstetric fistula, was helped by an Australian couple, and went on to become a skilled surgeon, fixing obstetric fistulas for many. The article is pointed in its criticism:
"This should be an international scandal, because a $300 operation can normally repair the injury. A major effort to improve maternal health in the developing world should be a no-brainer, for it could prevent most fistulas and reduce deaths in childbirth by half within a decade, saving 300,000 lives a year.
But maternal health is woefully neglected, and those suffering fistulas are completely voiceless - young, female, poor, rural and ostracized. They are the 21st century's lepers."

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