Monday, March 13, 2006

Steinem Speaks Out on New Abortion Laws

Renowned feminist and activist Gloria Steinem demanded a town hall audience of 900 in Seattle in taking a stand to protect a woman’s right to choose after the recent passing of legislation in South Dakota, banning abortions.

The ban forbids abortions in all circumstances, including rapes and familial copulation or, in other words, incest. The only exception is in the case where a woman’s life is in danger, which is yet to be clearly defined. Steinem says this legislation was passed without giving South Dakotans the chance to vote on the issue.

While the new law passed by twelve votes in the state Senate (23-12), Steinem believes the government is trying to gain control over a woman’s reproductive freedom. She also took a stab at the media for their inaccurate and minimal coverage of the legislation and the Bush administration’s policies on birth control and abortion.


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glenda said...

And we need more Americans to speak out on this issue!! Thanks.