Sunday, May 07, 2006

Conservative opposition to contraception gaining traction?

Today's New York Times Magazine includes this article by Russell Shorto. Shorto describes efforts by conservative groups in the United States to block information about, and access to, contraception.

The article outlines some of the reasons that contraception is becoming a political battleground (again). It's due in part to technological and pharmacological advances that blur the line between abortion and contraception . . . and in part to the increasing influence of conservative religious beliefs on public policy.

Many people are watching Roe; Shorto's article suggests that we ought to pay attention to Griswold.


Kevin T. Keith said...

This fact has been increasingly obvious for some time, but it was great to see it in the Times, in such a straightforward way. It is truly shocking how very far back the right wing wants to take us, and how acquiescent the "moderate" conservatives are in letting their extremist wing take over without discussion.

Rachel said...

I have a post on this too. The magnitude of the issue is really striking when compiled into one piece as the NYTimes did. In any case, here's my take on it.