Monday, July 31, 2006

Intelligent Design: Is it really all about our place in the world?

This article by Robert Lee Hotz of the LA Times pinpoints what he sees as the underlying agenda of the 'intelligent design' promoters: Darwinian evolution unseats humanity as master of a divine creation. With its emphasis on the mechanism of natural selection, it puts people on equal biological footing with barnacles and baboons.


Kevin T. Keith said...

I was surprised to read the quote above - that doesn't really sound like something creationists would say about their own position.

Checking the article confirms my suspicions: the author was referring to creationists's fears about evolution, not intelligent design:

"For those seeking faith-based alternatives to Darwin, however, evolutionary theory commits an unforgivable affront, these authors write. It unseats humanity as master of a divine creation." (emphasis added)

Incidentally, I just recently read one of the books the author reviews in this article: "Intelligent Thought: Science Versus the Intelligent Design Movement" (John Brockman, ed.). It's getting good reviews, here and elsewhere, but my reaction was mixed. I think it has several excellent essays on the reasons "intelligent design" does not qualify as science, contrasting how real science goes about answering questions related to life, but I thought a number of the contributions were more in the way of background material than really powerful argumentative essays. Still, every bit helps.

Linda MacDonald Glenn said...

Thanks, Kevin -- In my haste to post, my wording wasn't clear, so I amended the post to be a little more clear. said...

Science can't explain "our place in the world." That would be a philosophical question.

Linda MacDonald Glenn said...

Agreed, Bev ~ it's one of the reasons that intelligent desing shouldn't be taught as science.