Monday, October 02, 2006

Google Results for Bioethics Penis: 79,700

Now for the lighter side of bioethics:

I spent much of the day working on optimizing the Women’s Bioethics Project blog and website to increase our readership. (Yes, the glamorous life of running a public policy think-tank.) My husband, who is a software engineer, suggested that rather than the tedious process of linking to appropriate websites or writing content that will be picked up by widely read newsgroups, I should just add “penis” to my keyword list and be done with it.

Rather than indulge in such a gratuitous attempt to increase our Google ranking, I did some crack research so I could offer two recent postings from the prestigious American Journal of Bioethics and the venerable Hastings Center on the topic:

Penis Transplants in China

Proof that I Like Penises

I think that about covers (or uncovers it.) Back to neuro-ethics.


Darren Mallory said...


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Linda MacDonald Glenn said...

Ha! Who knew bioethics had a salacious side?

Chris MacDonald said...


Here's my blog entry from last December, where I consider whether it's OK to benefit from "unintended" consequences of things like including naughty words (or even anatomical ones, I guess!) in a blog entry.

Oh, and I'm told Google works hard to prevent people from successfully boosting website traffic JUST by adding sex-related words...