Thursday, December 28, 2006

Most horrific story of 2006

It sounds beyond belief . . . I can only hope that this is not true -- newborn babies killed for their stem cells to create beauty products. But as this Special Report in the UK Daily Mail describes, the evidence is both compelling and deeply distressing (Warning: graphic descriptions below):

The babies who are murdered to order
By Matthew Hill

The plastic bag looks as if it contains meat. But then a right leg is taken from it and placed surgically on the morgue table, followed by the left one. Then the torso. The head follows, a gaping cavity where the brain used to be.

But it is only when the gloved hand of the pathologist examines the tiny fingers of a baby aged about 30 weeks that the full horror of what I am witnessing sinks in.

This shocking scene was captured on video at post-mortem examinations carried out on behalf of Ukrainian mothers who claim their babies were stolen from them at birth.

The film was shown to me by an incredibly brave charity worker called Tatyana Zhakarova, who represents up to 300 families who believe their healthy babies were deliberately targeted at a maternity hospital in the Ukraine's most easterly city of Kharkiv.

The babies, believes Tatyana, were taken at birth to have their organs and stem cells harvested as part of a sickening but highly lucrative international trade.

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