Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do it Blogger Style

Feedback from one of our readers:
I'm a recent regular reader of your blog and thoroughly enjoy it. Every post is food for thought and discussion. I appreciate that you and your bloggers have created a place to gather together news and articles that highlight the bioethical issues that specifically affect women. I do, however, have one concern (on your behalf) -- that is the amount of text some of your bloggers copy and paste from their sources and lack of clear attribution. It is frequently confusing as to where a quoted article leaves off and where the bloggers comments begin...I'm not trying to be pedantic or critical here. Just cautionary. You folks are doing an incredible job!

Carry on, -K~

Fellow bloggers, please be sure to use the blog quote feature when citing another person's work. It will help our readers know when the cited work ends and our own voice begins. Thanks to reader -K~ for her kind works and helpful suggestions.

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