Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Evolution and Presidential Politics

Becky Miller, a blogger at a Progressive Womens Bloggers Ring, Preemptive Karma, caught my attention with this post about 'why the evolution question matters' and gave me permission to repost it here:

"It's interesting to me that three Republican presidential candidates in last night's debate said they did not believe in Evolution. I think it's interesting because Evolution is something that has really been on my mind lately as I have been watching the incredible BBC's series Planet Earth. Watching the magnificence of the natural world in action has both reinforced my belief that there simply must be a God AND convinced me that Evolution is absolutely true. To put it simply, I have come to believe that Evolution was actually designed by God, who got the whole ball rolling the first place and gets involved now and then when need be. In any case, the more I learn about science and the natural world, the more incredulous I am that anyone who has reached the level of being a credible presidential candidate could still deny that Evolution is true."

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Arizona Insurance Broker said...

Hello Linda,

I guess we'll never know until we meet God what the real answer is. The only thing about evolution that stumps me is why we do not see any evidence of it today. We've not seen a monkey transform into a human in recorded time. We've not seen a fish get out of water and walk, talk, etc.
But it is a subject up for discussion.