Saturday, September 08, 2007

Denying Children's Health Care

There's a reason that the movie Sicko had such an impact when it was released and there is a reason that we've blogged about Sicko and universal health care so much previously -- the issue resonates with the public and it is a major concern of many Americans - so, it's not surprising to see this scathing editorial in the New York Times today:

"The Bush administration reached a deplorable, preordained verdict yesterday when it denied New York State permission to expand a valuable health insurance program to help cover middle-class children. The administration, which makes no effort to disguise its disdain for government insurance programs, imposed new, excessively stringent requirements last month that not only guaranteed New York’s denial but will make it nearly impossible for any state to expand coverage.

The denial shows the White House at its most ideological and intransigent. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of children in New York — and many more nationally — will end up paying the price." To read the rest of the article, click here.

So time for a reminder -- Let's push for all candidates, from county seats to presidential, to seriously address this issue, and lead us toward a new health care system.

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