Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Because Women Need Lovin' Too

Listen up, ladies! If you are currently taking antidepressants and experiencing sexual dysfunction, a new study may have the answer to your problem. And, it may have been right under your nose in the medicine cabinet of your male counterpart all along. Yes, Viagra®, the savior drug for men, may also be beneficial for women.

According to CBS Evening News medical correspondent, Dr. Jonathan LaPook, sexual dysfunction affects about half of patients on antidepressants (women more than men). A small study on premenopausal women found Viagra helped to achieve the big "O". However, according to the research report published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it did not improve other sex aspects for women, such as desire or arousal.

Although the study shows promise as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction, Pfizer Inc. (the company that manufactures the little blue pill) currently has no plans to pursue FDA approval of Viagra® use for women. The results of the company's own research proved the drug to be safe but inconclusive in treating women, leading to the study's end in 2004.

When is it going to be the women's turn? Sexual dysfunction treatments for men have exploded onto the pharmaceutical market in recent years. The search for a helper for women leads little to be desired. If Viagra® has the potential of helping depressed women achieve an orgasm, it should be explored further. Depression alone is a serious medical condition. When the treatment for depression is coupled with sexual dysfunction, the situation often worsens. Everyone deserves to be happy and sexually satisfied in life and should not settle for anything less...men and women.


Nadea Sid said...

Interesting and really informative... does that include herbal viagra?

Anonymous said...

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