Sunday, December 07, 2008

10 Gift ideas for your favorite academic in bioethics.

1. Motivational (or de-motivational, if you want to apply the precautionary principle) poster, to keep your priorities straight.

2. Motivational mug (akin to the poster, the pessimistic's mug,
fashioned by the perpetually miserable)

3. Fingerless Gloves, for your favorite bloggers or technophiles.

4. A power tie, to keep you connected, or a Bio-scarf, that features your favorite doomsday scenario.

5. From medical tourism abroad to cultural diversity, a Travel book (on the Tou
ristic Guidings to Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan)

6. Computer accessories to make your desk more, umm,

7. Genome family pack from (who could resist that?)

8. If you were a fan of Indecision 2008, you might enjoy a Colbert Christmas Yule log.

9. More computer
accessories, courtesy of your favorite IVF clinics.

10. The Perfect pet (a lot tidier than the old-fashioned kind and no transgenics involved!)


Kelly Hills said...

I actually really wish I had those gloves right about now - cold in the apartment, and my aching hands hurt!

Andrea Kalfoglou said...

I know you've been using your computer batteries as a heating pad, and my Mac ensures that my lap is never cold, but with USB ports, you can make sure just about every body part stays warm.