Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Repeals Global Gag Rule

One of the clearest things I remember about my time working at Planned Parenthood was the rejoicing that happened when Clinton repealed Bush, Sr's global gag rule order. Although I was no longer working for Planned Parenthood by the time W. re-enacted his father's gag order, I despaired at the number of women worldwide who were going to have their access to safe and legal information about abortion restricted or completely taken away.

Checking the news before bed tonight, I actually scared my cats reacting to the news that Obama has overturned the Mexico City Policy.

I realize that there are people in the reading audience who will be disappointed by this news, and will work to continue having it placed back into effect. And personally, my concern was never so much about the abortions being provided (or not), as it was my issue with the fact that NGO's were forced to choose between discussing the full range of care options for a pregnant woman or losing their funding from the US government. I haven't been where these NGOs work, and I can't even pretend to know what they see, daily, in the lives of the women they treat. But I know that medical abortions are necessary around the world, and I know that there are situations and reasons for choosing abortion in these countries that I might never fully comprehend. A woman should have the right to a full and open, honest discussion of all of her options with her health care provider, regardless of where she lives in the world. That honesty should not be a privilege only granted to those lucky enough to live in a first world country.
-Kelly Hills

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Anonymous said...

Not only could they not discuss it, they couldn't even refer women to another agency that would discuss it. It's a ridiculous rule, and I'm very glad it's gone, for at least the next four years.