Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turn on the Bright Lights, Baby...

First, there were glowing cats.

Then, reports of glowing dogs.

Now, glowing marmosets;

The gene for express the green fluorescent protein in their skin was delivered to the first marmoset embryos via a modified virus, but the significant news here is that the genetically modified primates that can pass their modifications to their offspring; it is the first known case that an introduced gene has been successfully inherited by the next generation in primates. Why is that important? Because medical researchers have yearned for an animal model that is closer to the human anatomy; researchers may now be able to produce whole groups of marmosets that mimic humans with diseases like cystic fibrosis or Alzheimers'.

While this breakthrough is exciting, warning bells have sounded that this is one step closer to the creation of human designer babies. So, let me know pose this question: How comforting or discomforting would it be to see your baby glowing the dark?


Wrinkle Cream said...

it is nice baby..but i am confused ?
which animals baby that

Elisa said...

I don't know whether I would like my baby glowing in the dark... I find it somehow discomforting and against nature!

Resveratrol Ultra said...

Why do baby animals have blue eyes?
Like puppies and kittens and some other baby animals I've seen. My baby kittens have blue eyes that are starting to change green. And my goats when they were born had blue eyes. His did't change until he was like 5 wks old. And I think babies have blue eyes too don't they? Whats in eyes that make them blue then change color?