Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some articles on our radar screen this past week...

Autonomy and Authenticity of Enhanced Personality Traits

Abstract: There is concern that the use of neuroenhancements to alter character traits undermines consumer's authenticity. But the meaning, scope and value of authenticity remain vague. However, the majority of contemporary autonomy accounts ground individual autonomy on a notion of authenticity. So if neuroenhancements diminish an agent's authenticity, they may undermine his autonomy. This paper clarifies the relation between autonomy, authenticity and possible threats by neuroenhancements.

Tech-assisted reproduction growing worldwide:
Worldwide report shows increase in assisted reproduction: 250,000 babies (approximately) born in 1 year.
Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is responsible for an estimated 219,000 to 246,000 babies born each year worldwide according to an international study. The study also finds that the number of ART procedures is growing steadily: in just two years (from 2000 to 2002) ART activity increased by more than 25%. As this technology becomes more accessible to more people, will this encourage the ART industry to go further in their efforts and should more regulation be considered?

Boy or Girl? As early as 10 weeks gestation, a new at-home test has an 80% accurate predication rate. But will this result in more female fetuses being terminated?

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