Sunday, June 06, 2010

The pain of the fetus

In France, the new studies demonstrate that the fetus can suffer. The question is to find the treatment to fight this pain.
On June 5th in Paris, Palais du Luxembourg, the PremUp foundation organizes a colloquium to discuss it. This Fondation works on prematurity, average prematurity and extreme prematurity.
The premature births increased by 15 % these last ten years in France. The fetus perceives the pain from the second quarter of the pregnancy, it is important to treat her.

What is the best means to avoid the suffering of the foetus?
Besides the contact with the mother, the environment of the fetus is essential. Some medical staffs can give painkillers for 20 % of case. But all hospitals cannot afford it. Unfortunately, the French hospitals miss means.

This colloquium will be the opportunity to speak about solutions the most adapted to treat the pain of fetus.

The PremUp Foundation Website, english pages:

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