Thursday, April 06, 2006

Is Researching the Power of Prayer Worth Our Time?

Prayer is constantly being used to help heal the sick, but does it actually work? As the results of the largest study on the subject to date near, both sides of the argument are being addressed. Advocates claim that today’s science fiction, regardless of how outlandish it may seem, is often tomorrow’s science once proven through empirical studies. They offer quantum physics as a possible explanation for the healing effects of “distant prayer”, describing the synonymous relationship between distant particles effecting each other and distant prayers effecting other people. Equally loud are the voices that protest these studies – some feel the power of God cannot be measured by any mortal tests, while others feel that the idea of prayer being able to cure sickness is absolutely absurd. Some studies conducted show no correlation between prayer and healing. However, others do show possible relationships, although some scientists point out numerous flaws in those studies. Many feel a couple positive results among countless negative results is simply chance. However, the larger and better designed a study is, the more truth it can potentially yield, so this upcoming study may shed more conclusive light on this debate. Yet, without doubt, the minds of many will remain unchanged, no matter the results of the study.

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