Monday, November 07, 2005

Caught in the Schiavo echo chamber

In yesterday's NYT Book Review, William Saletan (Slate's bioethics guy) criticizes Jon B. Eisenberg's new book, Using Terri for, well. . . using Terri.

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Anonymous said...

OK, can't help but respond to this one. There were reports Terri could swallow. There is a web diary about a patient who was to be put on a feeding tube and sentenced to long term care about a year ago. The "expert" swallow testers insisted that patient couldn't swallow properly. The stroke patient left that hospital against the doctor's advice and never did get that feeding tube and has been thriving ever since - on solid foods mind you. As to end of life issues - Without a clear and concise verifiable written statement as to how an individual wants to live or die in a certain way, the men cloaked in their black robes of so called justice and the men cloaked in the white robes of so called ethics should err on the side of life. Ms. Schiavo, rest her soul, had someone willing and able to care for her and love her and they should have been allowed to given that there was not any solid evidence that Terri had a certain wish.