Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Food. Lies and Videotape (or whatever medium you prefer)

Do you want lies with that? I love it when Hollywood displays a conscience -- this time, Hollywood tackles the ethics of the fast-food industry in their flick, Fast Food Nation:

Inspired by the bestselling book that exposed the hidden facts behind America's fast food industry, the movie traces the birth of an everyday, ordinary burger through a chain of riveting, interlocked human stories - from a hopeful, young immigrant couple who cross the border to work in a perilous meat-packing plant, to a teen clerk who dreams of life beyond the counter; to the corporate marketing whiz who is shocked to discover that his latest burger invention - "The Big One" - is literally full of manure and how he deals (or doesn't) with the lack of ethics in this field -- it unveils a provocative portrait of what lies inside that America is biting into.

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Anonymous said...

Don´t know what you thing, but I know that this is not only the way they go when they are creating fast food. Every packet, every taste and smell i designed. And in Germany theres a big lobby working for to teach the people that this development is kind of normal an absolutely harmless. Shortly a doctor wrote a book: Modern nutrition lies. In that book talk about the quality of fruits and vegetables and writes that it is a lie that the quality is increasing. Believe him because he is a doctor or believe the others who don´t get ill.

If many believe him, we can imaginge the next step.

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