Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who or what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'm borrowing an idea from (my favorite spirituality site) -- please tell us who or what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving? Send me your thoughts at linda (at) and I'll be happy to post them for you or just enter a comment on this side --

I'll start: I am thankful for my colleagues at the Women's Bioethics Project, especially Kathryn Hinsch, for creating for forum and supportive atmosphere in which we can explore and discuss issues in women's bioethics -- and for bringing a incredible passion and enthusiasm to the field!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

[ From DeLila Bergan:
I'm thankful for my family and for their love and support, for their relatively good health, for our ability to pay the bills and put Thanksgiving dinner on the table, and for the opportunities we have been given to enjoy and to contribute in life. I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we're anticipating here for the holiday. On a more mundane note, I'm thankful for the appearance of apolitical shift that, should it continue in 2008, may permit us to make progress on issues of health care and social justice.]


BuddhistValkyrie said...

I'm thankful for the opportunities I've been given this year, professionally and academically, especially the numerous people who have been willing to share time, resources, wisdom, and alcohol with me.

I'm thankful I have the support of a strong family and group of friends, who believe in me and my ability to achieve - even if they are most of the way across the country from me most of the time.

And I'm so thankful I'm finally getting over my inability to speak coherantly when I'm around people I admire! It makes some aspects of life just a wee bit easier! ;)

Kathryn Hinsch said...

I am very thankful for all of our bloggers and readers. 2007 is going to be an important year to think, debate, and promote ethical issues surrounding emerging technologies.

Linda MacDonald Glenn - you are the best! said...

Thank y'all for the opportunity to tell how thankful I am that my Momma and Daddy made sure I grew up surrounded by God's love and that my brother and sister and our families -including 2 great grand children - were able to spend this first holiday since Momma died with Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Thankful - good question!!!

Thanksgiving was traditionally to thank the earth and all other powers for the crop that ws given for the work the man did.
So I´m thankful for everthing that is in my Life. My health, the food I´m eating, my friends, my wife...
And I´m very thankful for my dreams and my goals.

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