Friday, January 19, 2007

Jobs of the Future (that will require ethics training?)

An interesting article in the Globe and Mail asks how these jobs would look on your business card:

Bioaesthetic coach

Experience designer

Health-enhancement mentor

Intercommunity farmer

Personal genome optimizer

Chief health officer

Manager of faith-based relations and initiatives

Chief innovation officer

Executive chef, space airline

Global work process co-ordinator

Skycar mechanic

Underwater hotel manager

Vice-president of experiences

They may sound farfetched, but these are the kinds of jobs that workplace experts gazing into the future expect today's children, and their children, will hold down.

For the past several years, Washington-based World Future Society has been publishing articles in its Futurist magazine about what tomorrow's workplace will look like...

The article goes to explain that one category of jobs will focus on enhancing the human body by keeping it well, reversing the signs of aging, or implanting tiny computers that extend the brain's memory and expand cognitive powers. Human bio-enhancement promises to be a big field, with crazy-sounding opportunities, such as bioaesthetic coaching, somaelectronic integration, experience design, and personal genome optimization.

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1 comment:

dania12 said...

Bioaesthetic coach??

- I am Ph.D. Physiology with some specialty in Nutrition, specially about nutritional supplements and vitaminotherapy, phytotherapy, also alternative medicine like reiki or else as life coach...

? How do we become Bioaesthetic coach?? ...what specific courses for that specialty? Is it in Health Center or in University?