Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why Women Should Care About Neuroethics

Advances in neuroscience are going to pose some of the most important ethical questions yet about what it means to be human, and will challenge our concepts and viewpoints on gender and genetic determinism, free will, and what sets us apart from other species. This year, we will be launching several exciting initiatives designed to encourage women to engage on these issues.

The first, in coordination with the Dana Foundation’s Brain Awareness Week, is a lecture on Why Women Should Care About Neuroethics. Our featured expert will be Judy Illes, Ph.D., Director of the Program in Neuroethics at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, founding member of the Neuroethics Society, and editor of “An Anthology in 21st Century Neuroethics” published by Oxford University Press.

Please email for registration information.
Seating is limited for the March 16th Seattle area luncheon. For those who can’t attend, the lecture will be available via podcast.

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Kelly Hills said...

I'm looking at this post, and the next, and wondering how I manage to so effectively be on the wrong coast at the wrong time. (I leave the West Coast on the 6th of March, back the 30th. Siiigh!)