Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a Sicko Weekend

The last few days and this weekend promise to be filled with commentary about Michael Moore's film, Sicko , which illustrates that the American health care system is in serious need of rehaul and repair. Here are a just of few of the examples of what we can look forward to:

Our colleague, Art Caplan, has written that there is nothing funny about Sicko in his MSNBC column.

Jon Stewart interviewed Michael Moore, who quipped, "This is America, Even Cancer Should Make a Profit" -- The video can be viewed here.

PBS NOW Host David Brancaccio will sit down with the " controversial chronicler of American culture to find out what makes him tick, and why our health care system ticks him off." (More on that after the show airs).

NY Times, Washington Post, CNN are all covering this -- and my husband and some friends and I are going to see the movie this evening. So, more on this topic and our bloggers and friends colleagues go out in droves to witness this event -- One message is coming through loud and clear, and that is what Michael Moore has repeated about the end of for-profit healthcare in the US: "It's wrong and it's immoral. We have to take the profit motive out of healthcare. It's as simple as that."

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