Friday, August 31, 2007

What happens when the virtual and real worlds collide?

Will Combining Second Life and Google Earth result in a world wide simulation? From MIT's Technology Review:
"A thunderhead towers at knee level, throwing tiny lightning bolts at my shoes. I'm standing--rather, my avatar is standing--astride a giant map [SLurl] of the continental United States, and southern Illinois, at my feet, is evidently getting a good April shower.
The weather is nicer on the East Coast: I can see pillowy cumulus clouds floating over Boston and New York, a few virtual meters away. I turn around and look west toward Nevada. There isn't a raindrop in sight, of course; the region's eight-year drought is expected to go on indefinitely, thanks to global warming. But I notice something odd, and I walk over to investigate."
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[Photo Credit: Technology Review]

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Kelly Hills said...

A friend is sort of involved in a library Second Life thing... and they're doing medical libraries.

I keep wondering who the Second Life bioethicist is (and then contemplate staking a claim for it). But then I come back to not really seeing the novelty of it, or why it's so important to people!