Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Colorado Supreme Court OKs Ballot Initiative to give Personhood to Embryos

[Hat tip to Terry Tomsick for this story]

From the Denver Post:

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the go-ahead to proponents of a ballot initiative seeking to amend the state constitution in 2008 to define personhood as a fertilized egg.

Opponents to the measure, which would lay the foundation to make abortion illegal in the state, challenged the ballot title as misleading to voters.

The court ruled in a 7-0 decision that it is clear and meets the state requirement for a single-subject ballot question.

"Proponents of this initiative have publicly stated that the goal is to make all abortion illegal, but nothing in the language of the initiative or its title even mentions abortion," said Kathryn Wittenben, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado.

"If that's not misleading, I don't know what is," Wittenben said.

The amendment, if approved by voters, would extend constitutional protections from the moment of conception, guaranteeing every fertilized egg the right to life, liberty, equality of justice and due process of law.

The initiative's 20-year-old proponent, Kristi Burton, founder of Colorado for Equal Rights, announced the court's decision Tuesday afternoon to loud applause at the Pro-Life Leaders Summit at the Timbers Hotel in Denver.

"This is a very simple petition. That's all we need," Burton said. "The people of Colorado will support protecting human life at every stage. More than that, we have God. And he is enough."

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SabrinaW said...

Wow. I am completely floored.

Let's start brainstorming what sorts of legal and civil measures would need to be put into place to preserve consistency of this law.

mustika said...

never give up for women around the world