Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Two very different views of the future

The upcoming BBC series "Visions of the Future" has evoked two very different responses: One site, in the Women's Section of the UK TimesOnline hails "Welcome to the New Body Shop" and presents a fairly positive outlook on what science and technology will be able to contribute to the future. The other article, in the UK Telegraph, "And we will have the power of gods" presents a cautionary-beware-of-hubris outlook.
Is this merely a difference in reporting styles between the newspapers or representative of how different people look at the same news and see different things?

[Addendum, November 15, 2007: FutureNerd Steve Witham has some interesting things to say about ways of thinking about the future. Check his blog(s) at http://toesfirst.blogspot.com
and the IS Group].

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