Friday, September 26, 2008

Top 10 Hot Careers for 2012

I'm often asked by my students "what kind of job can I get with a master's degree in bioethics?" -- the short answer is that one needs to look at the master's degree as a supplemental degree -- that is, it is beneficial in terms of analysis, problem-solving, and critical thinking in your basic field. Last month, Daily Galaxy published a Future 'Top 10' Hot Careers in 2012, and all ten arguably have aspects that could benefit from an bioethics (that is the broadest spectrum definition of bioethics -- from food ethics to neuroethics to healthcare ethics to computer ethics and beyond) perspective:

1) Organic food Industry

2) Computational Biology

3) Parallel Programming

4) Data Technology

5) Simulation Engineering

6) Boomer Caregiving

7) Genetic Counseling

8) Brain Analysts

9) Space Tourism

10) Roboticists

Some wag wrote in a cheerful comment to the original article "I'd also add 'AI wrangler' (for when the Singularity happens)" -- but that's more likely in 2025, at according to Ray Kurzweil and the experts at TechCast.

Full article can be accessed here.

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