Saturday, February 14, 2009

Give Free Love for Valentine's Day

Rather than caloric candy and soon-to-wither flowers, consider giving your loved ones a gift of heartfelt love this Valentine’s Day. Valerie Tarico, director of the Wisdom Commons, has developed these fun (and free) bioethically inspired gift alternatives:

Print a love quote or poem as a poster – over 150 selections.
Leave it on your kid's bed or your lover's desk or the kitchen counter. Or print out several and use them for placemats on Valentine's morning. Just click the printer icon after any quote. Here's what the posters look like.

Email a last minute Valentine wish.
Click on the mail icon after any quote or poem, say what you want to say, and send it off! A great option for your mom, or sister or nephew or anyone else who you remember (every year) at the last minute.

Forward the Daily Wisbit
Start the day right. Receive a bit of wisdom daily sent to your email address. For the next two weeks they're all about love. Sign up or see recent Daily Wisbits here.

The Wisdom Commons is a Women’s Bioethics Project initiative devoted to exploring, elevating and celebrating our shared moral core. Join us.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful idea for valentine gift...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathryn Hinsch,Wish you n all around the world a Joyful Valentine's Day ahead.

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