Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NeuroNews on Wired

Another driveby post: Wired Science has two stories in Neuroscience the last two days that will be sure to be of interest to bioethicists:

Modafinil May Be Addictive:

The alertness drug developed as an addiction-free alternative to amphetamines might be addictive after all.

Researchers have found that people taking modafinil experience a surge of dopamine, an important cognitive neurotransmitter. Such dopamine upswings are seen in people taking Ritalin, and are considered a chemical signature of possible addictiveness. [Link to full article here.]


MRI Lie Detection to Get First Day in Court

Defense attorneys are for the first time submitting a controversial neurological lie-detection test as evidence in U.S. court.

In an upcoming juvenile-sex-abuse case in San Diego, the defense is hoping to get an fMRI scan, which shows brain activity based on oxygen levels, admitted to prove the abuse didn't happen. [Link to full article here.]

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