Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weighing the ethics of Parental rights as modified by multiparent conception......and its further implications

After reading this Article: a few times I want to address the ideology behind "Intent to procreate".
This concept in and of itself if used with any regularity could put a whole spin on a number of legal and ethical issues.
  • If a man and a woman have sex and the mother wants a child and intends to procreate and the man does not, does that limit his rights? Does it alleviate his obligation in paternity and support? The questions go to either side of the gender divide.
  • Does intent of creation really have more bearing than facilitation of the child going from embryo to fully developed human?
Lets take a different angle:
  • If parent A planned a child out of the conception, and parent B did not does that give parent A an exclusive or dominant edge if parents disagree about the medical treatment for a child?
  • What if neither person planned the child but a third party intervened in such a way as to try to make a child a possibility between those 2 people. Does that give the 3rd party a right?
This also opens the option of basically co-opting source genetic code due to an intent to conceive on the part of a genetic engineer.
If we base things on intent at the time of conception we may be looking at a far more slippery slope than we ever intended.

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