Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Call for Dialogue...

Kathryn Hinsch, founder of the WBP, writes a provocative op-ed piece in Seattle's Post Intelligencer, entitled "Too important to leave to bioethicists". She asks "How do we as a society with a variety of religious traditions, secular experiences and individual needs, develop an ethical framework that allows us to embrace technological advances, while also recognizing and anticipating their potential impact on our society and culture?". She points out that technology will challenge our underlying belief systems, whether progressive, moderate, or conservative and that we have an obligation to not to cede all things moral to a self-appointed few (like bioethicists).

No one is saying that this will be easy, but I agree that this is an important process to pursue -- to engage in respectful discussion and to find common concerns and values -- that is the moral high ground.

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Karama said...

The challenge that Hinsch describes is indeed great, particurly in light of the fact that we've not yet been able to solve the problems on which most of us agree on the answers, if not the methods (e.g. access to health care, reduction and elimination of health disparities, etc.)

Thanks for posting the link, Linda.