Saturday, January 14, 2006

new book: The Savvy Woman Patient

The Society for Women's Health Research has just published The Savvy Woman Patient. The book provides information on all major health conditions that affect only women, or affect women differently than men, illustrated with real-life stories; instructions for developing a comprehensive family history by sex (useful in understanding possible genetic risks); the latest research in women's health; and information on how women can--and why they should--be involved in medical research.

You can preorder the book on their website (and there's a nifty 25% discount available right now).


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pfd2004 said...

I saw this book's editor on the CBS Early Show last week. It is a very interesting and important concept that I think is often overlooked in research.

We are always looking for simple, straightforward answers, but health care (as with many other things) is incredibly complex and everything from symptoms, to diagnoses, to treatments work differently depending on your status as a man or woman, your age, ethnicity, etc.

This book is a great starting point for discussions about the complexity of health and how best to address and care for the nuances that abound.