Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bioethics Rumble? Let's Roll!

A recent AJOB blog cites the building anticipation for a potential “bioethics rumble” at the ASBH Summer Conference: Bioethics and Politics: The Future of Bioethics in a Divided Democracy,” to be held July 13-14, 2006 at the Crowne Plaza in Albany, NY. Linda MacDonald Glenn and I will be blogging live from the conference and will report any bloodshed.

We were delighted that WBP’s soon to be published whitepaper was selected to be presented at the conference. Below is the abstract:

Bioethics and Public Policy:A Competitive Analysis of Americans United for Life

How does an established, pro-life advocacy group reshape itself into a self-proclaimed “non-profit, public interest bioethics law firm” using bioethics to drive its political agenda? Bioethics and Public Policy: A Competitive Analysis of Americans United for Life examines the strategies and tactics of one of the most prolific and active conservative organizations that is working to shape bioethics public policy through legislation, pro bono legal counsel, and public opinion. Analysis of Americans United for Life’s programs—such as model state legislation on bioethical issues, whereby they provide everything a state legislator would need to draft, defend, publicize and push through legislation—illustrates how an organization’s ability to focus at a state level to promote a conservative bioethics agenda fits in to the bigger picture of conservative politics. Americans United for Life also has important connections to influential D.C. based conservative think tanks and bioethics centers. It’s a fascinating look at how political influence directly shapes bioethics in the world today.

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