Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Such Obscenity!

From guest blogger, Peter J. Cohen, MD, JD, Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center and Chair, Physician Health Committee, Medical Society of the District of Columbia:

I breathed a profound sigh of relief when I learned that the Congress had passed legislation increasing penalties for broadcast indecency as I am now assured that my eyes will no longer be assailed by “wardrobe malfunctions.” However, I wonder when our lawmakers will see fit to deal with the far more significant indecencies—nay obscenities—which we observe in our daily newspapers and TV news broadcasts every day. Just a few examples come to mind:

  • Deplorable infant mortality, a disgrace to our nation
  • Our impoverished people who suffer and die every day for lack of even basic health care
  • Our society—far more concerned with the “legality” of immigrants than with their humanity
  • A volunteer army that allows the overwhelming majority of our population to remain completely unaffected by our wars
  • A system of lobbying, campaign financing, and influence peddling that make a mockery out of the democratic process

That is enough—Time and respect for the rain forests that produce our newsprint do not permit a complete listing.

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Karama said...

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