Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Silly: News about Chocolate

A research article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that dark chocolate is so rich in the class of biochemicals called flavonols that it actually produces favorable effects on the cardiovascular system. Just 30 calories worth -- about the size of a Hershey's Kiss -- not only helped lower blood pressure but raised levels of nitric oxide, which relaxed blood vessels.

The researchers emphasize that it's a small amount that they're talking about -- not enough to justify overindulgence.

And David Leibovitz (who is living the sweet life in Paris), thinks this was a just silly marketing strategy.

I say, let them eat chocolate!


JayV said...

Linda, here's a shocker! - did you see this news story a while back - from The Post and Courier, Charleston) - The Chocolate Manufacturer's Association — which includes Hershey and Nestle and others — has asked the FDA to allow candy makers to substitute increasingly expensive cocoa butter and cocoa solids with artificial sweeteners and vegetable fats — and still legally call it chocolate.

No thanks!

Andrea Kalfoglou said...

Linda you beat me to this one. I actually saw these near the pharmacy counter at my local drug store. Had to buy some just for fun. $3.29 will get you a 3 day supply. You get to eat 4 waffers at 190 calories per serving. Blueberries beat out chocolate on antioxidants however with a lot less fat.
- Andrea Kalfoglou