Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on the Candidates Positions on Health Care

Considering that 45 million Americans do not have any health coverage and that 41% of adults are personally worried about health care or insurance costs, topping concerns about paying their rent or mortgage, being a victim of a terrorist attack or a violent crime, losing their job, or losing money in the stock market, and considering the popularity of the movie Sicko (which we've blogged about), it should come as no surprise that health care is a top domestic issue that the public wants presidential candidates to address, trailing only Iraq.

Recognizing the need to be fully informed and having the health care debate influenced by the public, two more informational articles and sites have popped today -- first, the Kaiser Family Foundation today launched a new website – – that will provide analysis of health policy issues, regular public opinion surveys, and news and video coverage from the campaign trail. Secondly, the New York Times has also compiled quotes and positions of all the candidates, and differs a bit than than the Huffington Post analysis mentioned in this blog earlier
-- I found it particularly interesting and encouraging that many of the candidates have held off on the details of their plans, citing that they want to hear from the public. After all, although it may not have felt much like it in the last few years, we do live in a democracy -- by the people, of the people, and for the people -- and our representatives are there to heed our voices, so make your voices known -- If this is important to you, let your representatives know!

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