Sunday, March 30, 2008

Are you a TechnoProgressive?

Here's a fun little quiz from Sage Crossroads, with whom the WBP has partnered before:
How far will you go to live forever?

Do you envision the future as a time when your physical body will no longer be the limit to your abilities? Does the idea of living forever (or at least, living a few more years in good health) tantalize your mind? On the flip side, would you like to revert back to a simple, down to earth agrarian lifestyle? Should the invention of the wheel - or at most the horse and buggy- have been the final frontier in technological advancement? Take this quiz to find out where you stand!

These questions should unearth your inner feelings about technological advancement and its role in our future. While answering the questions, assume that cost is not a barrier and that the technology is widely available. Also, if a question asks you about living a great long time,
assume that your years will be spent happily on the shore of your favorite beach rather than in a hospital.

What's your technological tolerance?

Take the quiz here.

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