Monday, September 26, 2005

Center for American Progress to address bioethical issues

The DC-based Center for American Progress (CAP) kicks off its program to develop a “progressive bioethics agenda” by hosting a panel discussion on Monday, October 3. The panel will address the question, “What are the cutting-edge issues that confront bioethics?” Featured will be prominent bioethicists Art Caplan (University of Pennsylvania), R. Alta Charo (University of Wisconsin at Madison), and Vanessa Northington Gamble (Tuskegee University), with moderator Jonathan Moreno (University of Virginia). Moreno's book, Is There An Ethicist in the House? has just been published. The accomplished professor is also a senior fellow at CAP and a member of the WBP advisory board. Should be an interesting discussion. If you're in the DC metro area, stop by. It's free. And hey, did we mention there would be refreshments?

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