Friday, September 30, 2005

Women’s Voices need to be in the Bioethics News

On the FAB listserv yesterday, Joan Callahan drew our attention to the fact that in USA Today’s story introducing the mainstream public to world of bioethics, not one woman is mentioned. She asked for suggestions as to how women bioethicists might be included on whatever list the media have when they need to call an "expert" for ethical insights on news in health care, the life sciences, bioetechnology etc. The mission of the Women’s Bioethics Project to get women’s voices heard in the public debates on bioethical issues. Kathryn Hinsch responded to Joan’s call with the announcement that the Women's Bioethics Project is in the process of compiling a list of women scholars who are willing to talk to the press, conducting press tours to the major media to let them know about this resource, and preparing media training for scholars. She invites scholars to contact Gina Sullivan to sign up.

Ed(st) note: For those who aren't familiar with FAB, it's the International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics. More info here.


marin gillis said...
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Karama said...

Organizations like SheSource may help change this sad state of affairs. SheSource is "an online resource of expert women ready and available to enrich the public debate. SheSource is designed to include spokeswomen from a variety of backgrounds, representing demographic and ethnic diversity as well as work in a variety of issue areas – particularly ones that are traditionally male-dominated."

I wonder if any people of color were included in that article?

marin gillis said...

Thanks you karama. SheSource looks interesting. I will check it out and spread the word.