Friday, September 09, 2005

Rapex: The new chastity belt?

Rapex is an anti-rape device that is like a female condom made of latex but with shafts of sharp barbs. If a woman is wearing it and is vaginally penetrated, the barbs are sprung and they hook onto the penetrator’s skin. It can then only be removed by surgery. Such devices have been dreamed up before and even rendered artistically, but Rapex is a reality and is scheduled to go on sale in South Africa next year for a cost of one Rand (20 cents). The device was invented by Sonette Ehlers of South Africa who said she was inspired after meeting a traumatised rape victim who told her, "If only I had teeth down there." She claims that a majority of women surveyed in South Africa said they were willing to use the device but it is not without considerable controversy. There is concern that such a device would escalate violence against women because the entrapped would be enraged and therefore further harm or kill his victim. The response is that by causing the man so much pain, the woman could have the opportunity to flee. There is also a serious worry as to how effective this device would be as a rape deterrent after it was known to exist because women can be raped anally and orally. Further, said a hospital spokesperson at Johannesburg Milpark Hospital, “We would have no idea what it was (if a person sought removal) and a person could spin us a story. There would have to be in-service training. And obviously the patient also has rights.” Lisa Vetten, with the Centre for Violence and Reconciliation is concerned that “once again the responsibility for preventing rape is put on women.” Charlene Smith, one of South Africa's most prominent campaigners against rape charges that Rapex is ”… a medieval instrument, based on male-hating notions and fundamentally misunderstands the nature of rape and violence against women in this society." There are more rapes of women in South Africa than anywhere else in the world.


Anonymous said...

Gee, while I have to say that the idea of a woman being responsible for preventing rape is abhorrent to me, that notion is a piece of idealology. Ideals are seldom practical in the real world. In an ideal world, rape wouldn't happen at all. So it seems to me that what Lisa Vetten is really saying, is that if Rapex is used, it will be an acknowledgement that the world is so bad that women have to wear something like this to just begin to even the score.

I've never been raped, but there have been days when I'ved walked in the dark from my car to my house, peering into shadows and holding my car keys like a knife. If someone ever rapes me, I'd like to think I at least caused him enough pain to make him think twice about doing it again. What's wrong with vengeance? Doesn't a rapist have it coming? I call it karma- he's probably getting off lightly.

You don't have to hate men to hate rape. This product isn't about causing men pain. It isn't meant to be used to hurt innocent people. Of course it can be misued, so can pretty much anything. I could probably mess someone up pretty badly with a fork if I wanted to, shall we stop producing cutlery? If you really want to hurt someone though, there are easier ways.

I don't want to sound like a crazy person, but if you want my opinion we should forget about Rapex and give all those women guns. Or better yet, give them Rapex and guns. That critical time bought by the device may not be enough time to escape, but I'm sure it would be sufficient to draw a weapon and pull the trigger.

~A Feminist

Anonymous said...

Men are better than women. By their nature, men are much more intelligent, courageous, and stronger than women. Men invented cars, airplanes, electricity, cures for diseases, television, and millions of other inventions. What have women invented? Disposable diapers. Ever wonder why Jesus was a man and not a woman? No religion has ever put a woman in charge of sh*t, because everyone knows they can't do anything. Women are horrible drivers. Everyday, at least 9,000 innocent people are killed due to car accidents caused by women. They are also horrible employees. Last time, I ordered a big mac value meal at McDonalds, and the woman who took my order forgot to include the big mac. HOW DO YOU FORGET TO INCLUDE A BIG MAC IF ALL I ORDERED WAS A BIG MAC VALUE MEAL? You'd think she would forgot something else, like the fries, or the soda, but no, she forgot the big mac. Nice job. A man would never mess up that badly.

Despite all these obvious flaws, like disobedient little children, women still attempt to gain equal rights. This has led to the creation of a cult known as feminism. Its cult members, known as feminists, use various tactics to brainwash innocent, hard-working men. Some of these tactics includes violent equal rights protests, and women gang-ups (where several women verbally attack an innocent male). We need more people to become aware of these facts in order to undo the damage women have done to society.

Unknown said...

I'm in favor of this product in areas where it may help to discourage rapists. Thats probably the biggest benefit to the product is the knowledge of its existance. But you have to consider the possibility of anal or oral rape as an alternative, as stated above in the article.
Truth is rape will never be abolished as long as theres horney, lonely, slightly deranged men in the world. and trying to prevent it is almost as rediculous as thinking it will ever be nonexistant. But people are more than welcome to try.
Like i said, I'm in favor of this product, but I'm more in favor women learning to defend themselves against such attacks, should they happen.

Feminists, like the one above are no more empowering to women than the shovanist below her.
She basically said woman don't have the ability to prevent rape so they shouldn't be responsible for helping to prevent it, and the only reasonable way for them to prevent rape is to carry a gun and shoot any man they think may be a rapist..
Well if every woman in the world had the same view on the subject as you, "A Feminist", I'd have to start to agree with Mr. Anonymous.
Fortunatly there are less pathetic women out there who aren't as meek and frightened as you are, and actually take the time to learn to "even the score".
It isn't very hard, but it does involve missing a few of your womens rights activist group meetings, and pulling yourself away from your very selective news reels and articles that, if distorted just enough, help to solidify your beliefe that women are still widely abused, and looked down upon, in todays society.

As for the shovanist below her. Shut up.
That is all.

Anonymous said...


Your attempt at being funny has failed. Next time try for something a bit more original.