Thursday, January 03, 2008

Generations Ahead

From our colleagues at the Center for Genetics and Society:
With great pleasure we announce the growth of the Gender, Justice and Human Genetics program of the Center for Genetics and Society into a new, independent organization, Generations Ahead. The myriad uses of human reproductive and genetic technologies raise important ethical questions for social justice advocates. As we articulate shared values and develop policies to inform how we use these consequential biotechnologies, it is important that we think not only of how we use them today, but also how they will impact generations ahead.

Generations Ahead will continue working for reproductive and genetic justice through outreach, capacity-building, cross-movement collaborations, and national coalition-building on assisted reproductive and genetic technologies. Sujatha Jesudason will continue to lead this work in her new role as the Executive Director of Generations Ahead.
Congratulations to Sujatha and her new team from the Women's Bioethics Project. You can read more about the efforts of Generations Ahead here.

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