Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Saving the World, One Technology At A Time

In a similar vein to the previous post, I was encouraged to see
7 Technologies that will Save the Earth in 2008:

- Cellulosic Ethanol.

- LEDs

- Electric Cars come back to life.

- MP3s

- The Kindle

- Solar (more specifically Nanosolar)

Cars Running on Water (a misnomer)

Small Cars Rock

For the details and full article, click here.


The Ethical Atheist said...

Interesting article. Thanks!

Single russian woman said...

The Scientist-weathermans declare that in 2008 average temperature on the Land will rise on 0,67 degrees Celsius. This will be a hot year, much fires, typhoon, floods...
Cellulosic Ethanol, LEDs, Electric Cars come back to life from this do not rescue.