Friday, February 15, 2008

23 & Me...Cracking the Code

The issue of genetic screening and analysis--the value and expense of it--and whether the testing is necessary or worthwhile--has been raised and discussed on this blog site time and time again.

The decision to do so, as well as the necessity of it, is ultimately in the hands of those choosing to be tested, based upon their own personal situations. But to what degree--is the testing--and the expense--justified? And would you really want to know what manner of disease and possible genetic defects lurk in your gene pool, dormant for now, but awaiting that deadly trigger down the road, certain to release havoc in your body?

ABC Nightline with Martin Bashir, on Wednesday night, profiled a genetic testing firm, called 23andme that obviously believes that we all deserve and need to know the truth, at a time when there's still a chance to correct it.

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