Sunday, February 03, 2008

Do You Double Dip?

This Super Bowl Sunday, there's a very important question on everyone's mind. No, not who's going to win - that ought to be a(n unfortunate) given. Much more important than that: do you double dip, and is it okay to do so?

Well, a new study - from the same researcher who answered the perennial 5-second on the floor food rule - shows that Mom was right: doubling down on the dip means you're swapping spit... and germs... and who knows what else, with any and everyone else using the dip.

So go for the disposable plates, spoon your dip onto your plate, and double dip to heart's content, without worrying about picking up the latest nasty cold going 'round the block.

As a bonus, here's the snippet of Seinfeld that prompted the research in the first place:

Cheers, and happy game day to everyone taking this opportunity to socialize under the guise of watching football!


SabrinaW said...

The most amusing thing about this story is how the MSM (mainstream media) has latched onto it like... that guy who grabbed the cocktail shrimp tray and won't let go.

Are people really that surprised by this, or are they just no longer able to live in denial about it? :)

Kelly Hills said...

I think it's one of those bits of fun science that everyone can understand, actually... can't you just see journalists being relieved that they don't have to figure out the different sorts of stem cells, but instead can just report on something neat and easy? (After all, not all science reporters can be Gina Kolata!)