Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Mind-Body Connection via Intentional Chocolate

If you've ever wondered what makes it your mom's chicken soup so special, this study, brought to you by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, suggests that it is the intentional love that goes into making of it:

And with Valentine's Day coming up, what a great gift (I would like to think)! Or is it just a scam? I'll be curious to hear if the scientific community reacts to this as a dose of 'woo' or if the findings will be validated? Either way, those love truffles look great! Let us know what you think by taking our survey.


Anonymous said...

This is total woo, infusing intention into material: see the Respectful Insolence blog for some serious skepticism.

Linda MacDonald Glenn said...

Thanks, I've should incorporated the Respectful Insolence blog into the post, since it was the first time and place I saw the phrase "Your Friday Dose of Woo" - (

Jaime Leclerc said...

I'm in denial that it's a woo...even though I'm not equipped with the scientific evidence to support my denial...I guess that's what denial is though eh? Irrational rejection.

I love chocolate too much!