Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Gene Research Exciting...and Risky

While news of the research has yet to be published, British scientists announced the creation of human embryos containing DNA from two women and a man. The scientists say the goal of the research is to one day obtain the ability to produce embryos free of genetic disease.

Presented at a recent scientific conference, and funded by the British Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, the researchers employed a process that basically took normal embryos with defective mitochondria in the woman's egg, and replacing it with an egg donated from a second woman with healthy mitochondria. Errors in the mitochondria's genetic code is what results in diseases such as muscular dystrophy, strokes and epilepsy, for example.

Supporters of the research say the procedure offers hope for families facing the heartache of unavoidable inherited disease. Opponents fear genetically modified babies.
Read the details of the research here:

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