Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arts and Bioethics: Challenging Ideas and Cultures

The Arts Bioethics Network will be launched at the 9th World Congress of Bioethics in Croatia in a 2-hour session of performances in which artists from various genres will present work that has a bioethics &/or human rights theme.

The performances may include any of the following: dance, dramatic performance, poetry recitations, short films, music, & readings from fiction. The presentations will be followed by a brief statement by some of the presenters on their intentions & the power of their chosen medium in presenting the issue(s) inherent in their work.
You are invited to send an expression of interest in offering a performance.

Works of art: such as paintings, photos, posters and installations, are also sought for display in Congress venues throughout the Congress. The artists will be invited to discuss their work during the Congress at specified times.

Please send, by 31st March 2008, expressions of interest in offering a performance piece or presenting a work of art, with a brief description (1 page max) of your work & any supporting
material* (e.g. photos &/or videos) as Email attachment, to Arts Bioethics Network Coordinators: and

The statement should describe the work and its relation to human rights and/or bioethics, your intentions, and the power of your chosen medium in presenting the issue(s) inherent in your work. For performance: specify duration of performance (max. 10 mins). For work of art: any requirements for presenting.

Please include: Name of Presenter(s) or Artist(s); Contact Person; Institutional Affiliation; Contact E-mail; Contact phone number(s). *Supporting material not to exceed 8 MB. The Co-ordinators of the Arts Bioethics Network have established a process for identifying a representative selection of the performance pieces and works of art from those that are offered. The criteria for selection include: works that have a bioethics and/or human rights theme; and works that express the challenge of ethics and human rights in an increasingly cross-cultural world. You will be advised, by 30th April 2008, if you work has been selected.

For more information, please go to

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