Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top Ten Technologies to Watch For in 2008

Technology Review has come out with their annual list of the top 10 most exciting, cutting -edge technologies and I can't wait to hear what our colleagues have to say about the ethical, legal, and societal implications (especially my personal favorites, 7, 4, and 3):

10.) Peering into Video's Future Is the Internet about to drown in digital video?

9.) Nanocharging Solar

8.) Invisible Revolution Artificially structured metamaterials could transform telecommunications, data storage, and even solar energy

7.) Personalized Medical Monitors

6.) Single-Cell Analysis

5.) A New Focus for Light - light-focusing optical antennas that could lead to DVDs that hold hundreds of movies.

4.) Neuron Control – a genetically engineered "light switch," which lets scientists turn selected parts of the brain on and off, may help improve treatments for depression and other disorders.

3.) Nanohealing -Tiny fibers will save lives by stopping bleeding and aiding recovery from brain injury, says Rutledge Ellis-Behnke.

2.) Digital Imaging, Reimagined - compressive sensing could help devices such as cameras and medical scanners capture images more efficiently.

1.) Augmented Reality

Which ones are your favorites? Which ones do you have the most hope for?

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